15 Pin/7 Pin Adapter QS6 + spiral connector / 4m

Numer produktu: C012-412040-1002

15 Pin/7 Pin Adapter QS6 + spiral connector

The 15 Pin/7 Pin Adapter QS6 + coil is an advanced cable designed based on innovative functional solutions. The cable combines ergonomic usability with a modern design while maintaining the highest safety standards.
The connector meets the most demanding standards of resistance to moisture and dust, thanks to 3 seals, including seals on the pins. Because of this protection, the cable works even in the most difficult weather conditions. An elongated rear seal and a wide handle make it easier to hold the cable in a stable manner while hitching and uncoupling the truck with the semi-trailer. The colored elements help to quickly identify the functions of the cable and increase the safety of the driver. The cover is resistant to chemicals and abrasion and enables operation in a wide temperature range up to 125 ° C. The excellent shape memory ensures that the spiral returns to its original shape and size even after reaching the maximum stretch length.


  • ADRS/GGVS certificate
  • Colorful elements aid with identification
  • Complies with Euro 6 norm
  • Designed to operate in temperatures from -40 ° C to 125 ° C




black, yellow


12x1,5 mm2 +2x2,5 mm2

Wartość maksymalnego rozciągnięcia


Liczba pinów

15, 7

Numer produktu



ADR/GGVS, ISO 1185, ISO 12098, ISO 3731

Typ pojazdu




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